Replacement Screen Instructions

Back in the Game: Swing Speed Radar Screen Replacement Guide (Under 10 Minutes!)

What You'll Need:

    • Your Swing Speed Radar (ready for a makeover!)
    • A brand new replacement screen ($10 on our website, with free US shipping!)
    • A trusty Phillips head screwdriver (no butter knives for this task!)
    • A steady hand and a can-do attitude

Let's Get Swinging!

    1. Power Down & Prep: Turn off your radar for safety. It's like putting your phone on silent before a swing - good etiquette!
    2. Unlock the Back: Remove the battery cover and batteries. Find the Phillips head screw inside the compartment and the two screws on the outside. Gently unscrew them all.
    3. Reveal the Brains: Carefully lift off the complete back cover, like opening a treasure chest. Inside, you'll find the PC board (the brains of the operation).
    4. Free the Board: Locate the three Phillips head screws holding the PC board in place. Gently remove them, being careful not to touch any components. Gently lift the board out, like handling a delicate microchip (which it is!).
    5. Mind the Zebra: Underneath the board, you'll see the rubber button. It's hiding a thin black zebra strip (don't worry, it won't bite). Carefully remove the button, keeping a close eye on the zebra strip to prevent it from running away.
    6. Screen Time: With the button out of the way, gently remove the cracked screen, taking care not to get scratched by any glass. Hold your new screen like a trophy and place it perfectly in position.
    7. Reassembly Time: Reverse the steps! Put the rubber button with zebra strip back in place. Place the PC board back in place, secure the screws, and gently put the back cover on. Tighten the screws like you're securing your golf bag for a road trip .
    8. Power Up & Play: Turn your radar back on and witness the magic! Your new screen should be shining bright, ready to track those epic swings.

Bonus Tips:

    • Take your time, precision is key.
    • Keep track of the screws – they're tiny and like to hide in the rough.
    • If you need a visual, check out our awesome replacement video guide on our website (coming soon!).
    • Still stuck? Our friendly support team is always here to help!

Now go forth and swing with confidence! Your Swing Speed Radar is back in the game, ready to capture every shot like a pro.