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Unleashing Your Inner Champion: The Swing Speed Radar Story

At Swing Speed Radar, we're not just peddlers of technology – we're fervent believers in the power of one number to ignite a thousand triumphs. That number? Your swing speed.

Our story begins with Al Dilz, a man who wears two hats with equal flair: lifelong sports fanatic and brilliant inventor. After spending years crafting high-tech radar systems for the defense industry, Al had a burning desire – to bring affordable, game-changing training tools to the sports he loved.

Driven by this passion, Al channeled his expertise into a groundbreaking creation: the Swing Speed Radar. This sleek, pocket-sized marvel wasn't just a fancy toy; it was a portal to a world of data-driven improvement. For the first time, athletes could see their swing speed, consistency, and power laid bare, unlocking a treasure trove of insights to refine their technique and skyrocket their performance.

But Al's vision extended beyond a mere gadget. He envisioned a community where athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts could connect, share, and inspire each other, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the field (or course). And so, the Swing Speed Radar family was born.

But we're more than just a gadget company. We're a community of passionate athletes, coaches, and swing whisperers united by a shared obsession: unlocking the potential within every swing. Whether you're a seasoned slugger or a weekend warrior, we believe data is the key to unlocking your inner champion.

Here's what makes us tick:

  • We're obsessed with simplicity. No confusing apps, no monthly subscriptions, just instant, on-screen feedback that fuels your progress.
  • We're all about precision. Our Doppler radar technology delivers uncompromising accuracy, so you can trust every number you see.
  • We're driven by impact. We've seen the Swing Speed Radar transform swings, break records, and build confidence. Your success is our fuel.

So, join us on this journey of self-discovery, one swing at a time. We'll be your guide, your cheerleader, and your data-driven sidekick as you conquer your personal bests and rewrite your athletic narrative.

Because at Swing Speed Radar, we believe the only limit is the one you swing through.

Al Dilz, Our Founder and Inventor

Al Dilz