Common Issues

Swing Speed Radar Won't Turn On? It's Not Defective - Here's What to Do!

We get it, you're thinking, 'Is this thing even on?' But trust us, it's just playing hard to get. Give it a good, firm press like you're high-fiving a gorilla, and boom! Instant swing speed magic.

Power Up Your Swing:

  1. Button Boss: Give the single button in the center a firm press for 2-3 seconds. Think "high five with a gorilla!"
  2. Battery Check: Fresh batteries make the world go 'round. Replace if needed and ensure proper installation.
  3. Connection Confirmation: Make sure the battery cover is secure and tight.
  4. Double-Check Button Press: Remember, this isn't a light touch radar! It requires a confident push to wake up.
  5. Still Stuck? Don't worry, our support team is just a swing away! Contact us for further assistance at 1-888-542-9246


Swinging Wild? Here's How to Tame Those Running Numbers on Your Radar.

Seeing some crazy digits that don't match your epic swing speed? Don't worry, your radar isn't possessed (probably). These 'running numbers' can sometimes happen due to loose screws, which can occur naturally over time from jostling around in your golf bag or from changes in humidity.

  1. The Screwdown: Grab a screwdriver and let's get handy! Look for the small Phillips head screws on the back of the unit. Gently tighten them just until they're snug, but don't over-do it.
  2. Power Cycle: Give your radar a quick reboot. Turn it off for a few seconds, then press the button again. Now let's see if those numbers come back.
  3. Battery Boost (Optional): Fresh batteries can work wonders. If tightening the screws didn't do the trick, swap in some new ones and try again.
  4. Still Running? No Worries!: We're here to help! Contact our support team, and we'll get your swing back on track in no time  at 1-888-542-9246.


Stuck Getting Accurate Iron Speeds? This Easy Tip Will Unlock Your Radar's Full Potential!

Do you love bombing your driver off the tee but feel like your Swing Speed Radar struggles with your trusty irons? You're not alone! Many golfers wrestle with getting accurate readings for their shorter clubs. But fear not, fellow iron-lover, because this quick and easy tip is here to solve your swing speed woes!

The Secret to Iron Speed Success:

Unlike drivers, which you place the radar directly behind, irons require a special 45-degree angle setup. This might seem like a small detail, but it makes all the difference. Why? Because your radar uses doppler technology, which bounces its signal off the club to measure speed. That means for irons, it needs a clear view of the back of the clubhead to get a perfect reading.

Think of it like a handshake: Imagine your Swing Speed Radar reaching out to your iron for a high five. By angling it 45 degrees from the tee, you're giving it the perfect angle to grab hold and get a firm grip on your swing speed.

Simple Steps, Accurate Results:

    1. Grab your iron and position the radar at a 45 degree angle behind the tee (see diagram below).
    2. Take your swing and watch those accurate iron speeds roll in!

Bonus Tips for Iron Speed Mastery:

  • Experiment slightly with the angle: Everyone's swing is unique, so finding your personal sweet spot for the 45-degree tangle might take a little practice.



Uh Oh, Cracked Screen? Don't Sweat It! Easy Fix & Back to Swinging in Minutes.

Accidents happen, even to the best of us (and our beloved Swing Speed Radars). If your trusty unit took a swing too far and the screen cracked, don't panic! It's not the end of the game.

  1. Oops, accidental home run or hole in one with your radar? No problem! Patch up that cracked screen for a mere $15, and thanks to free US shipping, it'll be like it never happened (except you'll be swinging even harder next time).
  2. Purchase your new screen: Replacement Lens - $15
  3. I Got My Screen: Your Swing Speed Radar Resurrection Guide is Here.