Collection: Own every pitch, control every throw: Introducing the Swing & Sting Speed Bundle.

This dynamic duo of baseball training tools is engineered to unlock your inner slugger and unleash your inner flamethrower. Forget complicated apps and confusing data analysis – both Swing Speed Radar and Sport Sensors Glove Radar offer instant, on-screen feedback to fuel your progress.

Hitters, step up to the plate with confidence. The compact Swing Speed Radar sits on a sturdy tripod 18 inches away from the plate, perfectly positioned to capture your swing's explosive power. Instantly witness your swing speed displayed in bold digits as you crush imaginary fastballs. See your power soar in real-time, identify swing flaws, and optimize your mechanics for laser-sharp line drives and towering home runs. Every practice session becomes a data-driven journey toward batting dominance.

Pitchers, take command of the mound. The Sport Sensors Glove Radar transforms your catching mitt into a high-tech coaching tool. Glove up, lock onto your target, and watch your throw velocity light up the screen. Master pinpoint control, dial up your heater, and paint the corners with laser precision. This is your ticket to becoming a strikeout machine, leaving batters flailing and the scoreboard ticking in your favor.

But the benefits extend beyond individual prowess. The Sport Sensors Glove Radar also plays a crucial role in turning heads-up plays into double and triple play celebrations. By honing your reaction time and tracking throws with pinpoint accuracy, you'll be able to gun down runners at first with laser-like precision. Imagine the thrill of snatching a line drive out of the air and firing a bullet to first, leaving the other team stunned and your teammates cheering.

Both radars are as simple as they are powerful. No apps to download, no data syncing headaches. Just set up the tripod, grab your bat or glove, aim, and witness your progress unfold before your eyes. Durable construction and weatherproof design ensure you can train hard, rain or shine.

The Swing & Sting Speed Bundle is the perfect partner for:

  • Youth players eager to unlock their potential.
  • Ambitious adults serious about taking their game to the next level.
  • Coaches looking to provide actionable feedback for their athletes.
  • Anyone who loves the thrill of crushing baseballs and dominating the diamond.

Stop guessing, start dominating.